Each semester is broken into four, four-week units, primarily covering one skill area while progressing through World History.  Click on the links below to follow the course assignments and classroom instructional videos. 




Welcome Message from Mr. Burnett

Course Overview and Video Considerations

Day 1

August 12


  • Student Teacher Introductions - Yet...
  • Course/Grading Expectations
  • Introduction to Insight - Analyzing Music Videos - Gangnam Style>Korean Culture


  • Enjoy your youth

Lesson 1: What Music Videos Might Tell Us About Today's Culture

Day 2

August 14


  • Review how to analyze music videos - Gangnam Style>Korean Culture
  • Partner analysis of music of other cultures
  • Chapter 1 - The Earth in 2013 - Read to answer the questions from the Powerpoints


  • Our World's Story - Finish reading Chapters 1 and be able to answer the questions from the Powerpoints
  • Class Discussion - Should humans be impressed by their achievements or embarrassed by their failures?

Lesson 2: Notetaking Skills Review and Video Analysis

Day 3

August 16


  • New York Regents Assessment
  • Instruction - How to contribute positively in shared inquiry
  • Shared Inquiry - To what extent should we proud of/embarrassed by the world in 2013?


  • Read chapters 2 and 3 in Our World's Story.  Answer the questions from the PowerPoints.

Lesson 3A: Shared Inquiry Instructions

Lesson 3B: Shared Inquiry - The World in 2013

Day 4

August 20


  • 20 Minute Writing Assessment - What were the major turning points in the evolution of early man?
  • How to take notes using OUTLINING
  • Why did man first "civilize" in Eurasia?  Jared Diamond Theory.


  • Use the Outline format to take notes on Chapter 4


How to Outline

Lecture intro to Guns, Germs and Steel

Assessing Quality Outlining

Day 5

August 22


  • Quiz - Chapter 4
  • Lecture - Early Man and Evolution of Religions
  • Animism > Polytheism > Ethical Monotheism


  • Enjoy your Youth
  • Review topics/videos to ensure you understand all the content from chapters one through four


Why do we have religion?  Animism to Syncretism

Early phases of religion - pantheon of gods > ethical monotheism; Greeks>Yahweh

Day 6

August 26


  • Reviewing how to take a quiz
  • Notetaking strategies - rubric - sample
  • India - From Harappa to Gupta


  • Correct quiz - figure out why you missed the question - preparation, test-taking strategies, "cluelessness"
  • Read Chapter 7.2 (p. 193-197) from the textbook Patterns of Interaction and take outlining notes


Lesson 6A - Test Taking Strategies

Lesson 6C - Intro to India

Lesson 6B - Note Taking Strategies

Day 7

August 28


  • Class Lecture
  • What makes a great civilization?
  • What made Harappa India "great" and why did it collapse? 
  • What factors led to the unification of India? (Aryans, Faith, Caste, Alexander, Ashoka, Buddha) 


  • Review and sort/organize notes; rewatch any videos for clarification
  • Enjoy your youth


Lesson 7A - Dynamic Civilizations to Harappa India

Lesson 7B - Aryan Invasion to Buddhism

Day 8

August 30


  • Mindmapping using MindMeister
  • Factors that lead to centralization and de-centralization (Faith, Culture, Class, Threat of Invader, Roads, Taxes)
  • Group Quiz - Religion to India


  • Take notes on Chapter 2 Section 4 - Pages 50-55 using MindMeister
  • Enjoy your youth

Lesson 8A - Unification of India

Lesson 8B - Unification of India

Day 9

September 3


  • Download Cornoutline Template and Sample
  • View Cornoutline Video
  • Analyze and understand errors from India/Religion Quiz
  • Watch Video - Engineering an Empire: China (to 25:17)  to answer the question "To what extent was Shi Huangdi a polarizing figure in China's history?" 
  • Take notes in outline format and then transfer them to the Cornoutline format


  • Finish Cornoutline on Engineering an Empire: China.  Add in insight for Section 2.  For Section 1, create thesis statement that answers the question with three main topics.

Cornoutline Instructions

Cornoutline Instructions for Shi Huangdi as Polarizing Figure

Day 10

September 5


  • Review on how to read films - What do I see?  What does this show?
  • Teacher conference - notetaking
  • Complete worksheet on Videos 


  • Study notes, quizzes and Cornoutline for Monday's test.  Look at notes/rubric to determine how you need to improve your notes.


Gender Roles in Mulan

Preparation for Unit 1 Test