Each semester is broken into four, four-week units, primarily covering one skill area while progressing through World History.  Click on the links below to follow the course assignments and classroom instructional videos.  The school year starts on August 12th and content will be added as the course progresses.





Unit 1

Weeks 1-4

 Day 1-Day 12


 Early Man to China


Unit 2

Week 5-9

Day 12-Day 23


 Persia to Islam


Unit 3

Weeks 10-16

Day 24-Day 35

 Expository Writing

 Mongols to Renaissance




Unit 4

Weeks 17-18

Day 36-Day 40

Objective Test Taking

 Renaissance to Latin American Revolutions



Unit 3

Weeks 10-13

Expository Writing

Mongols, European Resurgence (Exploration, Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment), Gunpowder Empires, Tokugawa Japan, China


Day 24

October 21


  • Introduce levels of paragraphs
  • Mongol research
  • Start Mongol paragraph
  • Why were the Mongols able to create the largest land empire in human history? 


  • Mongol Research - Patterns of Interaction (12.2) OR Our World's Story Chapter 16 OR Internet Research

Day 25

October 23


  • Considerations for choosing paragraph topics
  • Discuss with review research - choose categories
  • Complete Mongol paragraph - proceed from Level 3 to Level 7


  • Research Age of Exploration to answer the question - What choices made by Europeans made it possible for all the continents to be connected by the end of the 16th century?
  • Use Patterns of Interaction OR Our World's Story (Relevant parts of Chapter 21/22) OR Internet Research


Introduction to Paragraph Writing

Group Paragraph Writing - Proceeding through Levels - With Feedback

Day 26

October 25


  • Age of Exploration Lecture
  • Discuss Possible Categories
  • Begin European Exploration paragraph - proceed from Level 3 to Level 7
  • Test Sample - Page 1Page 2Page 3


  • Test Reflection - 1) Are you happy with your assessment results? 2) What steps did you take to study? 3) Why did you not earn an A+, get 100% - knowledge, understanding of questions, thoroughness of responses, other?
  • Age of Exploration Research - Based on group decisions, conduct additional research so that your group can hit Level 7 next class.

European Age of Exploration - Lecture - Backwards

Day 27

October 29


  • Instruction - Steps to Getting a Level 6 and Level 7
  • Age of Exploration - Finish Paragraph


  • What were the impacts of the Columbian Exchange/Atlantic System on Europe, Africa and the Americas?
  • Based on group decisions, conduct additional research so that your group can hit Level 7 next class - you will research ONE of the three options:
  • OPTION ONE - Patterns of Interaction - Chapter 20
  • OPTION TWO - Stearns -  Chapter 16 - (366-370), Chapter 19 - (422-429, 434-436), Chapter 20 - (446-453)
  • OPTION THREE - Our World's Story - Chapter 22 and Crash Course: The Columbian Exchange

Stearns Chapter Outlines - Already completed by Mr. Burnett - use these to accompany the chapters


Adding Details to Your Writing


Day 28

October 31


  • Random Information - Days of the Week Origin - Thors-day
  • Impacts of the Columbian Exchange - Asia/Africa vs. the Americas


  • Enjoy your youth
  • Randomly hug your siblings/parents and make note of reaction
  • Wear sunscreen
  • If behind on understanding of this unit's questions - check ideal paragraphs and make outlines to be used as study guides later
  • Mongol Strengths Sample Paragraph
  • European Choices Sample Paragraph
  • Impacts of Columbian Exchange Sample Paragraph

Thor Teaches Impacts of the Columbian Exchange

Day 29

November 11


  • Outlining a Quality Paragraph - Hinduism - Zoey Ong's A+ Offering (pay close attention to how she organizes her thoughts 3x3 and how she uses appositives to provide additional historical information)
  • Gunpowder Empires - Lecture


  • What were the contributions of the Gunpowder Empires?  Choose one or analyze all three.
  • Write a Level 3 Paragraph answering the above question.  You can also write a Level 4 and Level 5 paragraph if you wish, but the original must be cut and pasted to show progress.  
  • You can find additional content for these topics at Our World's Story - Chapter 23 and your blue textbook - Chapter 18

Introduction to Gunpowder Empires - (apologies for sound problems inherent in source) 

Day 30

November 13


  • Assess student Paragraph #1 - use peer paragraphs for instruction
  • Analyze video clips - Ottoman Empire, Isfahan, and Mankind: The Story of Us - Shah Jahan


  • Write Paragraph #2 answering the same question regarding contributions of the Gunpowder Empires.  You can choose a new topic or enhance your previous topic.

Day 31

November 15


  • Quiz - Day 24-Day 30 - Mongols to Gunpowder Empires
  • Reflection on Paragraph #2
  • Introduction to China - Sui, Tang, Song - Mandate of Heaven and Civil Service Exam, Infrastructure Projects, Rice


  • Write Paragraph #3 on topic of your choice related to China - 500-1500 - Sui, Tang, Song
  • For possible ideas, look to videos or text from Chapter 17 of Our World's Story or look to Chapter 12: Section 1 of your blue textbook
  • You do not have to take notes on these chapters, just read the chapter to find a topic for your paragraph.  You can conduct additional research should you need to satisfy the requirements of a Level 6 or Level 7 paragraph

Day 32

November 19


  • Themes in China - 500-1500 Silk Road, Confucianism, Civil Service Exam, Agriculture
  • Review key components of quality writing
  • View/Read Chapter 24 - Ming China


  • Write Paragraph #4 - Ming China
  • What were the major contributions of Ming China?
  • To what extent did Ming China build on previous Chinese traditions?
  • What led to the fall of Ming China?


Detecting Plagiarism in Writing

Analysis of Level 3-6 Writing

Features of a Level 7 Paragraph

Day 33

November 21


  • Introduction to Japan - Ainu People, Jomon Period
  • Creation myth stories - Amaterasu Video
  • Analyze videos on "The Way of the Samurai" and "Soul of the Samurai"
  • Teacher assessment of Paragraph #4


  • Write Paragraph #5 - Japan
  • What were the characteristics of the Jomon Period?
  • How did Amaterasu return the sun to the world?
  • What were the characteristics of Japanese feudalism or Japanese samurai culture?

Day 34

November 25


  • Suggestions for Wednesday's in-class writing assignment - See Rubric
    • Note: You will only be able to use printed out, typed, original outline notes
      • Max 5 words per line
      • Quotes from experts can be included
      • Students scoring A+ on previous paragraphs have the option of writing Wednesday's test
    • Essay/Paragraph will be hand-written in class
  • Take outline notes on Engineering an Empire: Aztecs


  • Prepare for summative writing test - What will be your topic/thesis regarding the Aztecs?  Have you printed off your outlined notes from the video?  Have you checked out the rubric to ensure you understand how you'll be graded?

Considerations for In-Class Writing Exam

Day 35

November 27


  • In-Class Essay
  • Introduction to European revolutions - Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment


  • Enjoy your Youth

Introduction to European Revolutions of the Mind (apologies for Pajama Day attire)