Chapter 50 - The United States of America

Wealth Inequality in America - The Daily Conversation

What Wasn't Said in "Wealth Inequality in America"

Ted Talk on Income Inequality

"Wealth Inequality in America" - The Critique

Supersize Me - Documentary

Moving Beyond Fast Food Nation - Interview with Author

The Weight of the Nation - Part 1 - Consequences

The Weight of the Nation - Part 2 - Choices

The Weight of the Nation - Part 3 - Challenges

Michelle Obama Answers Questions about Let's Move

Uproar over School Lunches - Students Fight Back

What the World Eats - Peter Menzel

American Drug Wars - The Last White Hope

Where Marijuana is Legal in the US?

Matter of Debate - Should Pot Be Legal

Bigger, Stronger, Faster - Documentary on Steroids and Prescription Drug Usage

Legalized: A Year in the Life of Colorado's Legal Weed Experiment

The Demographic Transformation of the United States of America

Racial Demographics are Remaking America

This Animation Puts the Entire US Population in Perspective

The Future of America

American Demographic History

We've Reached the End of White Christian America

Gloria Steinem - Women "Can't Have it All"  Until Equality

Women's Movement - USA - 1950s and 1960s

History of the Pill - Planned Parenthood

Title IX to 2013 - Perspectives on Gender

Has Divorce Become a Social Issue in America - 60 Minutes

Miss Representation - Why Are Women Misrepresented in the Media

Why Women are Misrepresented in the Media?

If Women's Roles were Played by Men

The Sexy Lie - Caroline Heldman

Do Women Earn Less than Men? 

Gender Wage Gap - Myth or Reality

Female CEOs are Breaking the Glass Ceiling - ABC News

Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Katie Couri

The Glass Ceiling is Misleading

American Ruling Class - Nickel and Dimed

No Child Left Behind - Documentary

Cost of College

The Price of College Now vs. 30 Years Ago

Does Your School Matter?

Inside Job - The 2008 Financial Meltdown

Too Big to Fail Trailer- Corruption in Financial Industry

Poll finds disapproval of Congress

The Daily Show - Critique of Rand Paul Filibuster

Senator Rand Paul Filibuster - Hour 12

10 USA Gun Rights Debate Facts

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

The Daily Show - Australia Gun Repeal

The State of Gun Violence in America

President Obama Roasts Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton - Debate

Donald Trump's Top Best Moments

Election Night 2016 - Highlights

How the Less Populated Areas Secured Trump Election

Why Liberals Don't Get Trump Voters

Why Trump Won and Clinton Lost

Trump's First 100 Days - Seth Myers

An In-Depth Look at Trump's First 100 Days - Fox News

Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Vulgar Language Warning)

Real Statistics on Police Violence Against Black People - MTV News

Is America Racist?

LeBron James Discusses Racism in America

An Interview with the Founders of Black Lives Matter

Afghanistan - War Without War - BBC

History of Iran and USA in 10 Minutes

War with Iran a Terrible Idea?  Here's Why

Inside Story - Americas - US vs. North Korea - A Potential Crisis? 

Questioning US-Israel Relations