Chapter 49 - Europe


World History - Causes of World War II

The 10 Most Livable Cities in the World

Eyewitness to World War II

The Real Face of the European Union

European Union - 50 Years in 5 Minutes

European Union Documentary

History of the European Currency

The Real Face of the European Union: Preview of a North American Union

Europe on the Brink - Wall Street Journal

Inside Story - Italy - Too Big to Bail Out

The Italian Election and the Survival of the Eurozone

Italy's Long Road of Corruption

Italy's War on Tax Evasion

Greece, Behind the Crisis

The Greek Resistance

The Greek Debt Crisis Explained in Four Minutes

The Great Euro Crisis

Cut and Bleeding - Austerity Bitten Spain Stands Up in Fury

Grounds for Divorce - Separatism Haunts Austerity-Wracked EU

Austerity Anger - Cops Lash Out

Prosperity without Austerity - Sweden

Europe's Welfare State

Muslims in Europe

Belgian Xenophobic Website

Europe's Rising Anti-Islam Trend

Xenophobia, Fascism and Ultranationalism on the Rise

Impact of the European Crisis on European Foreign Policy

EU vs. Africa - Foreign Policy

The EU's Role in the Middle East

7 Days - Terrorism and European Security