Chapter 47 - Middle East


The Tragedy and the Causes of Arab Spring

How Facebook Changed the World - Arab Spring

Arab Awakening - Death of Fear

The Arab Awakening: Absolute Power

Arab Spring: Five Years On

After the Arab Spring - Al Jazeera World

The Cafe Tunisia - The Arab Spring Success Story

Arab Awakening - Libyas

Suicide that Started a Revolution

Unrealized Dreams: Egypt After the Arab Spring

Egypt: Six Years After Arab Spring

Egypt's Stolen Billions

Protestors Storm Embassy in Tunisia

Libya Before and After Qadaffi

What Sparked Tunisian Revolution?

Life After Qadaffi: Libya - A Broken State

After the Revolution: Building a Democracy in Tunisia

Libya Five Years after NATO Intervention

Can Tunisian Democracy Survive Islamism?

Why the World is Worried about Turkey

What will Erdogan's New Power Mean for Turkey?

Where's Turkey headed after its Referendum?

The Syrian War Mapped

Sunni vs. Shia

The Syrian Conflict in 5 Minutes

Syria's War: Who is Fighting and Why

The Rise of ISIS Explained in 6 Minutes

Enemy of Enemies - The Rise of ISIL - Part 1

Enemy of Enemies - The Rise of ISIL - Part 2

Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Brief, Simple History

Israeli Settlements Explained - Part 1

Israeli Settlements Explained - Part 2

Syria - Out of the Ashes

Iran's Revolutions: Crash Course

A Brief History of US-Iran Relations

How the Iran Nuclear Deal Works

Why do Saudi Arabia and Iran Hate Each Other?

Regime of Saudi Arabia in Trouble

Saudi Arabia Rethinks Oil Dependence

How Bad are Saudi Arabia's Civil Rights Violations?