Chapter 44 - Japan

Japan - Miracle in Asia - 1963

The Japanese Economy in a Nutshell

A Life in Japan - Through the Eyes of Expats

Japan's Debt Problem Visualized

The Japan Bubble vs The Credit Crisis

Japan's Third Lost Decade

Japan and the US Corporate and Financial System

Japan's Economic Bubble Distant Memory

Japanese Vending Machines

Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience

Japan's Population Decline

Japanese Birthrate Spells Big Trouble

Which Countries have Shrinking Populations

Why does Japan need immigrants?

Hikikomori: Japan's Isolated and Withdrawn

How Japan's Economy is Destroying its Youth

Land of Rising Suicide

How is Japan dealing with its Rapidly Ageing Population?

The Newsmakers: End of Japan's Pacifism

Pacifist Constitution?  Japan moves to restore military might

Rare Video: Japan Tsunami - National Geographic

Tsunami in Japan 2011 - 6th Anniversary

Japan Resumes Nuclear Power after Fukushima

Japan presses China 8 Aircraft in the South China Sea

Why Japan keeps apologizing for World War II?