Chapter 42 - Sub-Saharan Africa

Natural Resources of Africa

Geography of Africa

The Story of Ebola

Irresponsible Ebola Coverage

The Fight Against Ebola

Crash Course: Mansa Musa

Is Africa really "rising"?

Africa is poor and 5 other myths

Democracy without election, is it possible in Africa?

Natural Resource Extraction - Overcoming the Resource Curse

The Lion of Zimbabwe - Robert Mugabe

10 Expensive Things Owned by Mugabe

Idi Amin Dada Autobiography

Burundi - Inside Story - Is there a threat of genocide in Burundi

Revolution in Burkina Faso: The Fall of Compaore

Do you know there are 1 billion problems in Africa?

Why Resource Rich Countries Grow Slowly

Botswana proves Africa can avoid the "resource curse"

Faces of Africa - Tumanka Goes to School

Africa Needs Jobs, Not Aid

World Poverty: Foreign Aid vs. Charity that Actually Works

Emerging African Entrepreneurs

Why Invest in Africa? 

South Sudan may be heading towards genocide

South Sudan Faces Famine, Potential Genocide in Civil War

Fighting Aids on the Ground in South Africa

The Mango Tree: Living with HIV in Uganda

Stigma and ignorance about HIV in South Africa

Improving Healthcare in Africa