Chapter 38 - Countdown to Horror


World History - Causes of World War II

World War II - Germany - Road to War

World War II Eyewitness Accounts

The World at War - 1931-1941 - US War Department Explanation

Mein Kampf - The Story of Adolph Hitler

Make Germany Pay - Part 1

Make Germany Pay - Part 2

Vladimir Lenin - Biography Channel

Causes of World War 2

The Manchuria Crisis - 1931 - Japan invades China

The Mukden Incident

Emperor Hirohito - Biography

Our Enemy - US WWII Propaganda Film - Part 1

Our Enemy - US WWII Propaganda Film - Part 2

War in Ethiopia - The Second Italo-Ethiopian War

Appeasement and Anschluss

Hitler Takes Anschluss

Anschluss with Austria

The Sound of Music - After the Anschluss

The Sound of Music Distorts History - Lecture

Neville Chamberlain Did the Right Thing - Intelligence Squared - Debate on the Munich Conference and Appeasement

Neville Chamberlain Returns

Did We Have to Fight?

History of China - Second Sino-Japanese War


Rape of Nanking - Part 1

Rape of Nanking - Part 2

John Rabe - Bombardment

The Invasion of Poland

September 1st, 1939 - Invasion of Poland - Color

War Tactics - Edge of War

Poland Stands Alone

Katyn Forest Massacre