Chapter 22 - The Century of Death


Horrible Histories - Christopher Columbus

Crash Course: The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange

The Effects of European Colonization

Crash Course: The Atlantic Slave Trade

Ten Shocking Facts about the Slave Trade

Africa's Slave Trade to Colonialism to Liberation

Amistad - Slave Ship Rebellion

Amistad - Middle Passage

Crash Course: Colonizing America

America: The Story of Us - Plymoth

America: The Story of Us - Jamestown and Tobacco

After the Mayflower

Crash Course: The Spanish Empire, Silver and Runaway Inflation

Francisco Pizarro - The Most Evil Men in History

The Wars of Religion: Lecture

The Thirty Years War

The Council of Trent: Reformation and Reform

Ah, Back to Trent- The Council of Trent

Ancient Mysteries - Witches - A&E Channel

Salem Witch Trial - History Channel

The Crucible - Trailer