Chapter 1 - The Earth in 2013


Native America before Columbus

Ancient Voices - Tracking the First Americans - BBC

Engineering an Empire - Maya

The Aztec Empire - What happened to the Aztecs

Engineering an Empire - The Aztecs

25 Unbelievable Facts about the Mayans/Aztecs

Top 5 Facts about Aztecs

Guns, Germs and Steel - Conquest

Lost Cities of the Incas

Maccu Picchu Decoded  - National Geographic

Lost Kingdoms of West Africa

Timbuktu: The Legendary City of Gold

Legend of Timbuktu

The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu

Timbuktu - Africa's City of Gold

Wonders of the African World - Swahili Coast

Lost Kingdom: Great Zimbabwe

The Navigators - Pathfinders of the Pacific

Attenborough Explains Easter Island

The Secrets of Easter Island

The Untold Story of the Rock's Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoos