Chapter 1 - The Earth in 2017


What does our music say about our culture?  Here were some of the top songs of the last couple years.

Top Singles Charts from Around the World

Gangnam Style - Psy


Nego do Borel - Você Partiu Meu Coração ft. Anitta, Wesley Safadão


Dobroie Utro - Vera Brezhneva


Tanabata Matsuri - Tegomass


Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

United States of America

Prometheus: The Alien Engineers Return

Global Population Growth

Animaniacs - Naming All The Countries Song

Crash Course: Globalization

Crash Course: Globalization II

Income Inequality in the United States

The World is Flat, but It's Not Level

History of the World: Every Year

CONTENT ADVISORY: The below videos have vulgarity or maturity subject matter and would be appropriate for upperclassmen.

History of the Entire World, I Guess

HUMAN - Volume 1

HUMAN - Volume 2

HUMAN - Volume 3