Created for Geography and World, US and European History teachers looking for an economical, dynamic, easy-to-navigate resource, this online vault offers all you and your students will need (1000+ videos, slideshows, teacher lessons/lectures, sample student work) for a rewarding year in the classroom.  


Available in hardcopy and online PDF, this 670-page text employs conversational language and sometimes controversial perspectives to bring you the tales, traditions and turning points of world history AND the regional challenges of today.  Used by schools around the world to both introduce key historical topics and pose debatable positions to enliven classroom discussions.

Teacher license for only $90

Understanding that budgetary realities and district ordering procedures oftentimes get in the way of your ability to provide your students with the most engaging, up-to-date materials, I've partnered with Gumroad to provide embossed PDF versions of the book to be used with your class.  For only $90,  you can purchase a teacher license enabling ALL of your students to download their very own version of Spinning World History.  My goal in writing this wasn't to become a book baron, it was to share stories with interested readers around the world.


And while most world history books fade off once the Cold War comes to a close, this sometimes sardonic tome just gets going.  Updated to include contemporary debates over topics such as Brexit, the rise of ISIS, claims to the South China Sea, the mounting refugee crisis and the controversial presidency of Donald Trump, this second edition finishes with a distinctively comprehensive look at the 21st century challenges facing nine major regions of today's world - Africa, Latin America, Japan, China, the Middle East, India, Russia, Europe and the United States.